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Anglers can bring their own boat, motor and fishing equipment, or rent it in Lynn Lake.  Local licensed guides and outfitters are available to take you to where the big ones hide. Don’t think that the fishing in these lakes is overrated. Take it from Bob Izumi – the fishing here is incredible! 


Lynn Lake & Area Road Accessible Lakes

 Lake and Distance



 Along Highway #394    
Berge Lake Berge Lake Provincial Park
4 miles
 Walleye, Pike  Camping, boat launch
Ralph Lake
7 mile
 Walleye, Pike  Boat launch
Little Brightsand
9 miles
 Walleye, Pike  Boat Launch
Zed Lake
12 miles
 Walleye, Pike, Lake Trout  Camping, boat launch
Goldsand Lake
20 miles
 Walleye, Pike  4×4 truck, canoe or by foot
Vandekerchove Lake
27  miles
Walleye, Pike, Lake Trout
Wolverine Lodge; Cabins, boat rental boat launch at Miles 31 and 33
Carswell (also known as Baldy Lake)
45 miles
Walleye, Pike, Lake Trout  Boat launch, camping site
McMillan Lake 
45 miles (accessed via portage from Carswell Lake)
 Walleye, Pike, Lake Trout  By Portage from McMillian Lake
Reindeer Lake
63 miles
 Walleye, Pike, Grayling, Lake Trout
At the community of Kinoosao,
there is a public boat launch,
with a general store selling supplies
Along Highway #396    
Motriuk Lake
8 miles
 Walleye, Pike  Boat Launch
Gemmell Lake
10 miles
 Speckled Trout  Canoes only
Dunphy Lake
24 miles
 Walleye, Pike  Boat Launch
Along Highway #391    
Cockeram Lake
6.5 miles
 Walleye, Pike  Camping, boat launch
Hughes Lake
22 miles
 Walleye, Pike  Camping, boat launch
Hughes River
30 miles
 Walleye, Pike
Camping, fishing on foot access from
the bridge over Highway #391
Eden Lake
36 miles
 Walleye, Pike  Camping, boat launch