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Government of Manitoba Mining Incentives & Initiatives

The Manitoba Prospectors Assistance Program (MPAP) offers prospecting dollars annually to applicants prospecting rocks or minerals other than crushed rock for construction purposes, sand, gravel, natural gas and petroleum.

The Manitoba Mineral Exploration Tax Credit (MMETC) provides a 10% non-refundable tax credit for Manitobans who invest in a Manitoba-based exploration project. There is $123,000 available annually for individuals or companies through the Prospectors Assistance Program for mineral prospecting in the province.

Mining and Exploration Tax Incentives have been introduced for mining operations through initiatives like the Tax Holiday for New Mines, Off-site Exploration Allowance, New Investment Tax Credit and the Processing Allowance.  Indirect taxation initiatives include sales tax exemptions on geophysical and exploration equipment and electricity used in mining, and a motive fuel tax exemption on diesel fuel for off-road mineral exploration.  Other reductions have been implemented for Corporate Taxes, Payroll Taxes, and Sales Tax.

Best Practices

With mines acting as tremendous wealth generators, and northern Manitoba is characterized by a number of communities originally built in response to the development of a mine, advances in mining technology are proving the prospect of significant mineral discoveries in the region in the years ahead to be a near certainty.

Communities are increasingly aware of the ability of a new mine to bring money into a community enabling higher incomes and improvements to confront social issues.  It is also increasingly recognized that establishing partnerships and agreements among mining companies, various levels of government, and First Nations partners within their historical territories goes a long way towards ensuring a prosperous relationship throughout all stages of mineral exploration, development, operation, and mine closure.

And, of course, the integrity of the environment and human health must be preserved through proper oversight, protecting water sources and habitats from contamination.  (A remediation project is in its final oversight stage in Lynn Lake, and another is in its initial stages at the nearby Fox Mine.)

Together, facilitated by open and transparent consultations, mining exploration and development can produce sustainable and inclusive economic development in the region.